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act 1: The Trial

With this concept album, John van Heugten takes a new step in his music career. Under the name Millennium|Trilogy|Project he worked out a musical and textual story over 11 different songs, ranging from ballads, to power songs with a lot of tempo and mood changes.

Van Heugten plays all the keyboard parts on the album. Next to that he found several musicians and vocalist to collaborate on the album.

The story of the concept album is about Brynn. In Act 1: The Trial we follow Bryn during her character-building during her younger years, her alienation from society and her struggle to get her life back. The impact on her direct environment is also dealt with. The idea for the story is based on the story in the Millennium Trilogy books.

The album is highly recommended for everyone who likes AOR rock, progressive rock and symphonic rock.

The album will be released both physical as throught the streaming services on 16 October 2020.

Prior to the album release, the single "Theater of Thoughts" will be digital released on 2 October 2020.

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