John van Heugten started his music carreer long time ago in a schoolband called Frontline where they played a lot of 80s and 90s hitssingles. His next band was Blind Furee, a band which played own written songs.

After the split up of this band, John was asked to join Truss, a band where a lot of his friends already played in. They played covers, but soon started to write their own songs. When they decided to record their first demotape, the bandname was changed to Ricocher.

Ricocher was a progressive rockband that released 3 albums and played on many stages in the Netherlands (Paradiso, 013, Tivoli, Bospop) and abroad (UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Mexico). 

In 2011 some of the former members of Ricocher joint forces with former members of Casual Silence and the band Eleven's Eve was born. Unfortunately in 2016 Eleven's Eve was disbanded.

John van Heugten decided that the time had come to join some of the songs he had written (but haven’t been released) in a new concept album. 

He called the project Millennium Trilogy Project.  



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