After the breakup of Ricocher, I continued writing new songs. Some of these songs are now ready to be recorded under the name MILLENNIUM | TRILOGY | PROJECT. This first progressive concept album will be titled “part 1: The Trial” and will contain eleven songs with a total playtime of more than 60 minutes.  The music style lies somewhere between progressive rock, AOR, symphonic rock.
The story is based on the Millennium Trilogy books and handles about a girl, named Brynn, that is abandoned by society. While everyone sees her as dangerous, suicidal, autistic and schizophrenic, the only thing she tries to do is SURVIVE!!
Now she is facing the judges, the jury and her inner self! It’s the crossing that will determine the rest of her life…..


News & updates

Introduction drummer: Igor Koopmans


In the next couple of months we will continue recording the first album of the Millennium Trilogy Project.

Hereby I present you the man behind the drumkit: Igor Koopmans!

He’s also known for his drumparts on the last Medea album and off course as the drummer of Casual Silence. Together with the bass parts of Niels Nijssen, he will lay down a solid base for all the songs!!

Introduction bass player: Niels Nijssen


This week we’ll start recording  the first parts of the album!!

And were better to start than with the bass guitar parts. These bass guitar will be played by one of the best bass players I know: Niels Nijssen!!

He formerly was the bass player in Ricocher and Eleven’s Eve and is a guarantee for super solid basslines!! I'm very proud to work with Niels again!

Niels, welcome on board of the MILLENNIUM|TRILOGY|PROJECT

Will you become a part of the MILLENNIUM | TRILOGY | PROJECT?


Thanks for visiting this page!

In May 2019 I will start recording my first solo album, “part 1: The Trial” in the Rock Inc Studios. I won’t do this all by myself but with a lot of musicians and vocalists.

To be able to record this album as good and proffesional as possible, I started this crowdfunding. For you this is also the best way to participate in this project and become a part of the Millennium Trilogy Project family!!

Take a look on this page and find the option that fits you the best!

Thanks for your support!!

John van Heugten



06 10 53 50 71

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